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Janitorial Service

Janitorial Service Request for Proposal

The Jeff Davis County Public Library is soliciting proposal for Janitorial Services.

The library is located at 189 E Jarmen St. Hazelhurst, GA 31539. The building is approximately 9,695 square feet. The library requires janitorial services to be perfomes once a week prior to or after hours.

The library will provide all daily consumables such as paper supplies, hand soap, cleaning products, garbage bags, batteries, etc. It is required that the janitorial service company provide all cleaning equipment. The janitorial service wil report supply request and communicate directly to with the Library Branch Manager. By submitting a janitorial service proposal, a company agrees to guarantee their quote for a period of 90 days. The winning bidder must be in compliance with all acceptable local, state, and federal laws.

A Proposal Must Include the Following:

-Contact information including: name, address, contact number and email address

-The complete cost of services on a per month bias outlined in this request for proposal janitorial services including all fees, permits, taxes, and other associated cost with performing the services in a 9,695 square foot building. The contract must be for a 1 year of service.

-List all of the products and equipment to be used for specified cleaning requirements

-Current reference list (minimum of three)

-List of any cleaining services that are offered at an additional cost

-List of the number of staff that will be on-hand for cleaning- including the number of hours worked each evening

Cleaning Requirements


-Sweeping and mopping of all hard floors, base boards, and corners

-Vacuuming of all carpeted areas

-Dusting and disinfecting all flat surfaces including but not limited to tabletops, study stations, countertops, desks, work stations, and public areas

-Dusting and wiping down of all printers and computers

-Spot cleaning of all interior glass including lower level conference room

-Emptying all interior trash, sanitary, and recycling receptables and outside garbage cans

-Cleaning water dispenser

-Cleaning and disinfecting of all fixures including but not limited to toilets, urinals, mirrors, door handles, push plates, and water fountains

-Refilling all soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, batteries, tiolet paper, etc.

-Spot cleaning all pubilc and staff chairs


-Scrub cleaning of all restroom walls, stall walls, and doors

-Vacuuming of all upholered chairs and wiping of all chair and table legs

-Scrub cleainig of all garbage and recycling cans as needed


One copy of a companys proposal must be submitted no later than 4 p.m. on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Quotes should be addressed to Cameron Asbell, Director 189 E Jarman St, Hazelhurst, GA 31539

Please contact Branch Manager, Lynn Hall, at (912) 375-2386 or halll@ohoopeelibrary.org for any questions regarding this request for proposal.


Posted 12/27/2017